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This article will teach you how to add a category in to your Mijoshop store in your Mijoshop admin panel. Adding category is one of the first things you’re going to want to do before you even add your first product. Why? Well because any product you add will most likely be categorized under a category. So you’ll want to have the category actually in place before you add a product to it. It is not required that you put your product in a category, but a lot of stores do this. For example, particular clothing item might be grouped into categories such as pants, shirts, socks, etc.


To add a category…
  1. Sign in to your Mijoshop administration panel
  2. Hover over the Mijoshop=>Catalog menu item and select Categories
You will now be in the “Categories” section of your Mijoshop store.


General Tab

In the “General” tab…

Category Name
You can enter your Category Name in the first field that appears.

Alias is the short piece of text that represent the title of certain item in a machine friendly format. This format allows only lowecase letters and dashes (-).

Meta Tag Description / Meta Tag Keywords
Meta tag description and Meta tag keywords our places where you can enter meta content that will be inserted in the head section of your web page for this category when a user visits this category page. These will not be visible on the web page itself, however the Meta Description may show up in search engine results pages when people search for your store.

The “Description” will be visible on the page above the listing of products placed into in this category. This is optional. You don’t have to enter anything in here.


Data Tab

In the “Data” tab…

Parent Category
You can choose a parent category to put this category under. So, for example, there might be a parent category called clothing, with sub-categories of shoes, socks, pants, and shirts. Or there might be a category called computers, and sub-categories might be laptops desktops and tablets. It depends on the template/theme you are using, but the sub-categories will often appear in the drop-down section of the menu in an Mijoshop store webpage (with the parent categories making up the top-level menu items). See the options below for further configuration.

If you have a multi-store installation, you can choose the store you want to add this category to by checking the check boxes in the Store section.

SEO Keyword
If you have SEO keywords enabled, you can enter a unique key word here that will make up the URL of your category. Be sure that you do not choose a keyword that this the same as another category, manufacturer, or product! Click here for more information on SEO keywords

In this location you can also had an image. The image will be visible above the listing of products that are categorized under this category alongside the category description (see above). You use the Mijoshop image uploader UI to add images.

The “Top” check box allows you to display this category in the menu in the top menu bar. This is only applicable if this category is a parent category.

The “Columns” option refers to the number of columns that the sub-menu portion of the menu will have when the user mouses over a parent category top-level menu item. It is recommended that you choose 2 or 3 here.

The “Status” dropdown just toggles whether or not this category is currently live in the store


Design Tab

In the “Design” tab…

Layout Override
If you want to choose a different layout than the default layout for category pages you can choose it here.Click here for more information on the layout override feature of Mijoshop.

Once you’re finished, click on the Save button at the top of the page. Congratulations you just added category. Now you can add products to this category.
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