Understanding the MijoShop Layout and Modules

This is a tutorial post regarding the internal Mijoshop (OpenCart) layout and how you can use the modules to configure the display of your site.

Basically the internal Mijoshop layout can be thought of as follows:

layout-homepage-1 layout-homepage-2 layout-otherpages-1 layout-otherpages-2

All of the Layouts in Mijoshop are pages with these 4 (Content Top, Content Bottom, Column Left, Column Right) sections in them. The sections are, of course, invisible in a browser, but they do exist in the website page code. The 4 sections can be thought of as areas where you can add different Modules. Below is a listing of the layouts that cad be found in the Mijoshop admin panel. These layouts are different “page types” that can be found in an Mijoshop store.


Each of these layouts can have different modules added to them.

The different modules that you can add to the different layouts can be found in the “Modules” section. This can be found in the Mijoshop admin panel, Mijoshop => Extensions => Modules

You should be able to see a list of modules here. You can also get new modules on OpenCart.com. Some are free, some you have pay for.

Modules can be placed on any of the different sections in the types of pages (Layouts) in Mijoshop described above. Where they appear on the page depends on what is set for the “Position” attribute for the particular module and each module has different options that you can configure for it.


So let’s say you are in the “Modules” section and you click on the “Category” module. The category module displays a list of categories. If you click the “Insert” button at the top of the page, what you are doing is adding a new category module to one of the layouts (or page types) mentioned above. So If you select “Product” for the “Layout” field, select “Column Right” for the position, leave the “Status” at “Enabled,” and put a sort order in, the effect that this will have is to add a list of links to the different Categories in your OpenCart store on the right side of the page. Where this list of links appears on the right side of the page (either at the top or lower down) depends on the value that you entered for the “Sort Order” relative to the sort order values of other modules occupying this same space on this same layout. The module having the lowest “Sort Order” value will be displayed first.

So if you only had the “Category” module occupying this space, it will be displayed in the top right section. But let’s say you clicked into the “Information” module on the “Modules” screen and you had (or set) an “Information” module that also had the “Layout” field set to “Product,” had the “Position” set to “Column Right,” and “Status” at “Enabled,” but this module had a lower sort order value, the “Information” module will appear above the “Categories” module on the right hand side of the page.

You can also enter zero, or negative values for the “Sort Order” as well. These values will be taken as lower values than positive numbers.
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