Downloadable Products

In this section we’re going to discuss how to add a downloadable product in a MijoShop store. Downloadable products that people sell through their stores are often things such as music files, videos, software, templates and themes, images or any other product that can be distributed digitally.

Adding a Downloadable Product

To set up a downloadable product and make it available for purchase, you’re going to want to first add a "download" (i.e. a file) to your store:
  1. Sign in to your Joomla administration panel.
  2. Go to "MijoShop => Catalog => Downloads"
  3. To add a new download, click the “Insert” button at the top of the page.
You will now be at a section where you can add a downloadable file. You can choose a name for the download here (and you may have to set the name in different languages if you have different language packs installed). Be sure to use a naming convention that will make it easy for you to keep track of your downloadable products. You can also upload your downloadable product by clicking on the browse button next to the “Filename” field. I highly recommend uploading all digital files as .zip files. It’s just a lot easier from the distribution standpoint and customers trust .zip files more than they do less familiar file formats.

In this section you can also choose how many times the user will be allowed to download the file when a link appears in their account section when they sign in to your store.

Click the “Save” button. Your digitally downloadable product is now added.

Editing the Download / Updating Files

Now that your download/digital product is now added, you can actually go back into the product by clicking on the “Edit” link.


A new check box called “Push to Previous Customers” will appear. This check box is used for updating files. Say, for example you sold some software packaged as a .zip file through your store, some users reported a few bugs, you fix the bugs and you wanted to redistribute the new files to the customers who had already purchased the software. What you would do is add the new files using the “Browse” button again, and you would check the “Push to Previous Customers” check box. What this will do, is make a new download available for customers that had already purchased the file(s), even if they had used up all of their allowable downloads.

Adding a Product for the Download

Now that you have a download available in your store, you’re going to want to add a new product so that the downloadable product appears in your store catalog.

The important component to pay attention to when adding a digital product is the “Links” tab. In the “Links” tab, you should be able to select the downloads by starting to type their names in the box that appears in the “Downloads” field in the “Links” tab. You can make multiple downloads available with a single purchase if you like.

It is important to note that, when a user purchases the product, the link to the downloadable product will not appear in the user’s account section until the administrator confirms the order and it sets the purchase to “Complete” in the MijoShop administration panel or your default order status is set as "Complete" after the payment has been done. Once the status is set as Complete, a link to the downloadable file will appear in the user’s account section under “Downloads.” From there the user can simply download the product by clicking the link provided.
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